Suspension of accepting credit/debit cards

  • 23rd December 2023
Dear Customers, For technical reasons, credit/debit card payments have been temporarily suspended. The timing of the resumption of the payment gateway is not yet known; we will inform you about the resumption of the card gateway later. To make payments, use alternative methods. If there are no other options, create a ticket and we will resolve ...
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Annual indexation of prices for Leaseweb

  • 20th November 2023

Dear Customers,

Due to annual indexation of prices for Leaseweb servers from December 20, the cost of all services will increase by 4%.

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Price increase for Leaseweb services due to increase in electricity cost

  • 20th November 2022
Dear Customers,   Due to increasea in electricity prices by several times, DC Leaseweb conducts an increase in prices for rented services, in addition to the annual indexation of prices for services by 4%, according to the following scheme:   In locations Singapore and Australia from December 20, the cost of services will increase by 9%; In ...
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Комиссия Webmoney

  • 15th March 2022
В проблем, связанным с ликвидностью платежной системы Webmoney, за прием платежей данной платежной системы будет взиматься комиссия. Комиссия за прием платежей будет пересматриваться дважды в ...
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